How to visit schools

Volunteering in schools can be great fun, deeply rewarding and great experience to talk about in the job market. As a JET alumni, you’ll have spent many days in classrooms, helping learners understand the differences between their country and another far away. Volunteering in schools when you return makes the most of that experience and your local JET alumni association is here to support you with cover for travel expenses and advice.

To make it as easy as possible, we have worked with educational consultant to develop lesson plans for you to use for your visit and a letter of introduction, that helps the school understand what you are offering.

Planning your visit

The first step is to choose a school and make contact. You might already know someone in a school or have a particular kind of school you want to visit. You can find a local school in the UK here: You can then use this template letter to contact the school offer to volunteer (just add your name and contact details). The letter includes a reference to lesson plans to help the teacher plan your visit. You can search here for lesson plans to share with the school.

During your visit

Typically, the teacher will meet you at reception and guide you through the visit. It would be great if you could ask the teacher to take some photos (they will know the local rules on photographing children). Please contact us to let us know how you got on.